Official Saona Island Tour Operator

Not all tours to Saona Island are sanctioned by the Ministry of Tourism. It is important to choose a tour operator licensed by the Ministry as there are many non-licensed, independent operators in the Dominican Republic selling substandard excursions.

Operators licensed by the Ministry of Tourism must adhere to strict guidelines to obtain and then maintain their licensed status. Some of these guidelines include an up-to-date insurance policy and the use of nationally licensed tour guides who have completed the rigorous 9-month licensing program.

Isla Saona is, currently, the most popular excursion offered in the Dominican Republic. The island is the quintessential tropical beach with swaying palm trees, bone white sand and lapping turquoise waters. Because of this, pirate operators are common and tend to feed on unsuspecting tourists. By using a licensed operator you are ensuring the quality of your food, drinks and the entire experience of visiting this beautiful Caribbean Oasis.